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Gnomeratron (Classic Graphic)

Gnomeratron (Classic Graphic)

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Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Ya boy got a regular 9-5 these days. Sometimes pedals longer, but you'll receive a 10% discount for any pedals that take longer than 4 weeks.

Classic graphics. They're controversial, but very fun and bright. These aren't customizable. 

The Gnomeratron is a versatile, classic fuzz circuit with a switchable, synthy octave-up circuit and a flexible clean(ish) blend. It began as a stripped down, noisy, hardcore fuzz, but evolved over time. This new version is less noisy and easier to dial in than before.

The "Original" model is a versatile fuzz with plenty of control. The "Deluxe" model is for folks that want to play around with noisier sounds. Trimmers and switches that exist inside of the Original are neatly placed on the side of the Deluxe model. These include gain controls for three stages of the fuzz circuit and the clean circuit, a switch to reconfigure the clipping diodes to hard clipping (or remove them entirely), a switch for oscillation, and a switch to add distortion to the clean blend. 

All models have a clean blend with a tone control. The "Magic" switch can feed the clean blend into the fuzz for more gain or just a darker input signal.

The octave-up circuit sits between the two clipping stages of the fuzz. Combined with the gain control and diode switches, you can get different octave sounds. Crank the gain and lift the clipping diodes for something more splattery, drop the gain and smooth out the effect with more diode clipping for something more classic and synthy. Turn up the gate control for... you know... gated fuzz. It's pretty versatile. 

The tone control is your classic scooped-in-the-middle arrangement, but it can be (relatively) flat in the middle with the filter switch. 

There's also a dying battery simulator for the fuzz. It's not the standard starve fuzz pedals used to come with. It drops the voltage to 6 volts and adds just a bit of series resistance. For normal settings, it's usually a subtle darkening of the tone with a bit of extra compression. If you're a fan of oscillating sounds, it'll change the frequency of the oscillations and how they interact with your signal. 

"Hey, should I get the Deluxe or the Original?" If you just want a versatile fuzz with a few extras, get the original. I build the thing, and 90+% of the time I don't touch the side controls. You can mess with the extra sounds internally, if you want. I can also upgrade an Original to a Deluxe later. If you just want easy access to the controls, though, they're a lot of fun! 

The graphics area print under scratch-resistant, completely unbreakable polycarbonate. It's very shiny. 

Tech specs

  • 9V DC, center-negative power (BOSS style... the same as virtually every pedal that doesn't come with its own power supply). Not compatible with 18V power supplies.
  • 25mA current draw
  • True Bypass 
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