Hey, folks. I'm Danny. I'm the disembodied hands and sloppy bass playing behind McSpunckle Effects. McSpunckle was a WoW character from years ago that became my online name. Why is there a 'c' in it? I don't know, but boy does it cause problems. 

I started in electronics as a teen. Mostly modding basses (leading to the monstrosity above), but occasionally modding one of my hilarious number of bland, off-the-shelf pedals. Then, I discovered fuzz. I started modding existing fuzz pedals from smaller builders for money to buy more fuzz, until having the idea for the Gnomeratron after building a General Guitar Gadgets Brassmaster kit– which was the fist pedal I'd ever built. It's silly in hindsight. I wanted something that didn't exist, so I made it (the prototype is pictured above). Other people wanted one too, so here we are, a decade later, still improving on the design, and occasionally making something else too.